The Jordan Open Source Association (JOSA) has stated that no legal basis exists to oblige citizens to download the «Sanad» application on their mobile phones in order to be permitted inside shopping centers, banks or restaurants. JOSA notes that the circular from the Prime Minister regarding having the vaccine certificate validated by the Sanad application, known as «Green Sanad», didn't mention any mandate to have the application installed on individuals’ devices.

Based on the circular, it is the duty of the facilities to make sure that people that enter or stay are allowed to do so according to «Green Sanad» application, the facilities can do so through inspectors tasked with making sure that the people inside are meeting the requirements for «Green Sanad», the inspectors themselves can do that with «Sanad» application on their own phones without the need for the citizens to have the application installed as well.

The Ministry of Digital Economy and Entrepreneurship confirmed this through posting clear steps for inspectors to check the results of  «Green Sanad» showing it doesn't require citizens to download it. The inspectors can check the vaccination certificate codes or ID cards.

JOSA denounces how some facilities force citizens to download the «Sanad» application without a legal basis, JOSA asks them to adhere to Circular No. 46 issued by the Prime Minister. On the other hand, JOSA informs the esteemed citizens that having the «Sanad» application is not mandatory.