Wednesday - 31 August

JOSA Cryptoparty: Obfuscation Techniques

JOSA is organizing another CryptoParty! Cryptoparties are part of a global grassroots movement to introduce the average person to privacy-enhancing technologies such as sending encrypted emails, setting up a Tor relay, the basics of end-to-end encryption, and more!In this CryptoParty, we will be talking about two topics:

  • Obfuscation, what it means and ways to achieve it. We will also have small hands-on demonstrations on how you can hide your own identity online.
  • Our Journalist Competition, that targets Jordanian journalists who took apart of our training session in the last years. The competition aims to spread the knowledge about Digital Human Rights through assessing any digital human right article written since then; as well as to cash prizes for the first three places articles.



This event is made possible through the kind support of the Kingdom of the Netherlands. To learn more about Cryptoparties, visit: