Digital Rights

Summary of Stakeholders’ Submissions on Jordan (Arabic)

By Human Rights Council - Working Group on the UPR (31st Session)

The present report was prepared pursuant to Human Rights Council resolutions 5/1 and 16/21, taking into consideration the periodicity of the universal periodic review. It is a summary of 36 stakeholders’ submissions to the universal periodic review, presented in a summarized manner owing to word-limit constraints. A separate section is provided for the contribution by the national human rights institution that is accredited in full compliance with the Paris Principles.

Summary of the Jordan Open Source Association (JOSA) submission is reported as JS10. JOSA and Privacy International (PI) recommended that Jordan initiate a  process to legislate on communication surveillance by all state entities, including law enforcement and security agencies, to ensure that all communications activities are conducted in respect for the right to privacy and comply with Jordan’s national and international human rights obligations.

Publication Date:

4 November 2018

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